Wig Reconstruction


Do you have a wig that’s experiencing wear and tear but the hair is still gorgeous?
Send it in to us for a reconstruction with the Monroe Queens. Reconstructing your unit is simply taking your old unit apart and remaking it. You can either send your lace along with your wig or just simply purchase our 100% single donor virgin frontal/closure: all you’d need to do is just send us your wig.
Processing time is 4-7 working days.
Service includes 
•Reconstruction of the unit
•Bleached knots
•Shampoo + Deep condition
•Elastic band replacement
•Comb replacement

Click here to find out the process

 Pay for the services/order
Just simply go ahead and place your order.
If you are sending a new frontalclosure for your wig reconstruction please ensure that you have your hair at hand before placing your order.
Ship your hair to us
 go ahead and ship Your wig to us at
Monroe P.O Box 77662 London
 Get a tracking number
When you ship your package to us please be sure to get a tracking number.
 Email your tracking number to us
You can do so by replying to your confirmation email or just simply email it to miich.monroe@gmail.com along with your name and order number.
The reconstruction 
Once we have received your wig we will do our magic.
Once your unit is completed we will ship your wig back to you.
We will then email you your tracking number.
The return shipping you paid for at check out is for your wig to be returned to you via tracked delivery.
Please ensure that the lace you are purchasing/sending is the same size as the lace in your wig, please note if you provide low quality lace your knots may not take well to bleach.
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